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"Robinson Crusoe" reading notes about 800 words

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After reading this wonderful adventure novel " Robinson Crusoe ", my mood can't be calm for a long time, a tall image emerges from my mind from time to time, yes, he is the hero of the story, the brave navigator and explorer Robinson.

Robinson was an adventurous person. In his youth, he left home without permission to go outside to take risks. During a boat trip, he encountered a large storm and was caught by the waves on an uninhabited island. He was pessimistic at first. I couldn't help worrying about him in my heart, I couldn't imagine how he would live next. By chance, he found a broken ship and brought in clothes, fresh water, food, tools, etc. from the broken ship, and started a new life. He grew cereals and domesticated goats. Several years later, he rescued a captive named Friday. Since then, Friday has become his loyal friend and servant. Twenty-eight years later, they took a British boat that happened to pass by the desert island, and finally returned to their hometown of a long time, which is really shocking.

Robinson was able to live on the desert island for 28 years, not because he had some kind of powerful divine power, but because he had a determined goal and a tenacious willpower. On the desert island, there are no houses, no people and food. Robinson must first endure the loneliness of a person every day, but also build a house, open a grain field, and allow himself to survive with firm faith and extraordinary wisdom . He can find light from darkness, hope from despair, and no matter how big the setback is, Robinson can face it bravely and calmly, constantly changing his situation.

Compared to Robinson, I'm really ashamed. I remember one time, my father arranged a few math problems for me. I did one or two first, and it was not difficult. However, the later the number of questions increased, the more difficult it became. I thought: don't do it, it's so difficult, just looking at the topic makes people headache. So I was so angry that I threw my pen to the ground. Those questions were like grimaces, mocking me. Thinking of this now, I really regret it. At that time, I should understand the meaning of the question, use my brain seriously, answer the problems, and have a perseverance.

In fact, each of us will experience setbacks, but it is only because of different personal attitudes that we will lead to different situations. Frustration is like a bottomless pit for the weak, and for those who are brave and persevering, it is just a small roadblock in life. We should learn Robinson and be a brave, persevering, persevering brave.

Holding up the book, a tall image emerged before me, standing on the deck, moving towards hope

Robinson Crusoe Reading Notes about 800 words

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