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"Go One Step, Go Another Step" After Reading 600 Words

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"Go One Step, Go Another Step" After Reading 600 Words

Among the language books in the seventh grade, the one that impressed me most was "Take a Step, Take Another Step".

This text was written by the American writer Morton Henry. He recounted a childhood incident that touched me.

It was a sweltering day in July in Philadelphia. The five little boys playing with Hunt were tired of playing marbles and were about to climb a cliff. Hunter didn't want to admit that he was a coward, and dragged his sick body up with his partners on a small trestle which was still two-thirds away from the top of the cliff. Then, the boys climbed to the top of the cliff and went home along a roundabout path. Hunter couldn't climb up because of his physical reasons, but he didn't dare to climb down, he couldn't get up or down, he just stayed on the stone frame. It was getting dark, and stars appeared in the sky. Just before Hunter was desperate, his dad found him under the guidance of his good friend Jerry. With the comfort of his father, Hunt climbed down the cliff in small steps. He also has more and more confidence. When he puts it into his father's arm, he develops a great sense of accomplishment that he will never forget, and benefits for a lifetime.

This inspirational article has given me a lot of inspiration: don't think about distant success, but do a small step at the beginning, take a small step, take another small step, and eventually reach the end of success. This is the author. When I stepped on the first rock, I immediately felt confident. Later, the more confident I was, the smoother the road was and the closer I was to the end!

I have had this kind of experience. I walked the same length of road, watched the end hard, and panted when I was halfway, but I looked at the nearest pole, and when I got there, I changed another pole in front ... ... Unconsciously, I have reached the end and I am not tired.

In this text, I like the author's father most. He doesn't do much to his children, let him come down immediately. It was comforting him, enlightening him, giving him the guts to try, and shining the light of a flashlight on the rocks the child should go next until he was thrown into his arms.

The story has benefited the author so much, why can't I?

Leave your every foothold, let yourself be closer and closer to success!

"Go One Step, Go Another Step" After Reading 600 Words

"Don't think about how far away. You just think about you taking another small step."

This is a sentence spoken by the protagonist's father in "Go Step by Step". Because of this sentence, it deeply affected me.

The protagonist of this article is Morton Hunt, which is a story from his childhood. In July in Philadelphia, the weather was very hot and a child proposed to climb a cliff. But Morton had a kind of illness since he was young --- he can't take risks, but in order not to make others laugh at him, he still went. The other children climbed to the top of the cliff and headed home on a roundabout path. Only Morton stayed at two-thirds of the cliff height for about ten hours.

Until night, Morton's father and his best friend Jerry came to `` save '' him. My father carefully instructed him to let him go step by step, reaching the "end point" or a common thing in your opinion, but this affected the author's life.

After reading this article, I know that the father in the article can completely climb up the cliff to carry the child down. The reason why he did this is to let the child know; if he encounters difficulties, he can't dry out `` sit and wait '' To be self-reliant and encounter difficulties in real life, don't just think about how to solve them in one step, and break down big difficulties into small ones. In this way, even if you encounter great difficulties, as long as you break it down, that's all.

After learning this text, it will be very helpful in future life, just remember; don't think about how far away, you just think you are taking a small step.

"Go One Step, Go Another Step" After Reading 600 Words

I read the article "Take a step and take another step" by Morton Special. I have a lot of emotions in my heart, a lot of aftertastes, and a thick lingering lingering in my mind for a long time.

This article mainly talks about the author's frail childhood illness and his companion in distress when climbing a cliff. As a result, his father's encouragement and guidance stepped out of danger. As a result, the author has a great sense of accomplishment and learned a truth from it. Later, whenever he felt frustrated and discouraged, he would remember the experience he had learned on the small cliff and deal with everything.

However, the author was able to overcome all obstacles later, and he did not owe it to himself. Because of his father's guidance on the day, the author can be brilliant today. (After reading jajshop.com)

Every time I read this article aloud, the content will bring me into the environment at that time, and the scene at that moment will be vivid and vivid before my eyes. And what I feel most deeply is that the author is stepping out of danger step by step. He went from no confidence to sprouting confidence, to a great increase in confidence, and clearly realized that-don't think about the rocks below, but focus on the original Take a small step, take this step and take another step until you reach where you want to go.

Fallen leaves are boats, sailing into the harbor of memories.

In the summer of two years ago, I heard the sound of a soothing sleep on my family, but I was still in a daze on the first floor, but I have n’t recovered from a leg injury two days ago. At this time, the step-by-step escape from the author in "Go One Step, Go Another Step" strongly pushed me to reach my destination step by step.

This article brings us a truth, which seems to be a piece of sunshine away from the rain, bring hope to confused people, and regain confidence in future life.

We are like the bird that is about to fly alone. Only after defeating the storm can we fly to the wider and brighter sky. When we encounter difficulties and dangers, we can only achieve the final victory by reducing the difficulties to zero and overcoming them one by one.

"Go One Step, Go Another Step" After Reading 600 Words

This week, I read the article "Go One Step, Go Another Step," which gave me a lot of inspiration and benefited me a lot.

The writer of this article is the American writer Morton Hunt. The article tells that "I" went up the cliff with five little boys. However, the timid "I" did not dare to squat on the stone frame. Finally, Under the guidance of his father, he finally got down from the stone shelf.

When "I" felt dizzy and very frightened, his father finally found "I" and told "I" how to escape the danger, but "I" was always afraid to try. My father comforted the panicked "I": "Don't think about how far away. You just have to think that you are taking a small step. You can do it." In this way, Morton Hunt moves only one small at a time. Step and finally climbed down the cliff!

The words of Morton Hunt's father benefited me a lot. Yes! No matter how much difficulty and danger you encounter, just take it as a small step and think that you are not far from the goal, so you will have infinite motivation and confidence. After this step, go to the next step, just go step by step, no matter how difficult it is!

This reminded me of an experience in my life. At that time, I forgot to bring a red pen. It happened that I had two at the same table. I wanted to ask him to borrow it again, but I was a little timid. There are fifteen buckets in my heart to draw water-seven to eight, there seem to be two voices in my ears: "Don't lend things to others, if people don't lend you, you will be ashamed", "If you don't ask You do n’t have a red pen if someone else borrows it. ”I took the courage to borrow from the same table. "Can you lend me a red pen?" He agreed quickly.

In the path of life, as long as you have enough confidence, enough courage, enough perseverance, and enough effort, you will be able to break through no matter what the difficulties are! As long as you learn to face difficulties, do not escape, and do not shrink back, Will definitely succeed!

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