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Teachers' Vacation 2019 Middle School Students Reading Notes 1000 Words

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Teacher Holiday 2019 Middle School Student Reading Notes

Through the holiday reading activities, I realized more deeply the importance of being a teacher, emancipating the mind, constantly learning, updating knowledge, and keeping pace with the times. With the development of the times and the needs of society, how to be a qualified teacher? This will be an issue that I must think about and face in the future. Because qualified teachers are not life-long, yesterday's qualified teachers may not be qualified today. Only by constantly learning, updating concepts, keeping pace with the times, and striving to improve your business level and theoretical knowledge, can you always be a qualified teacher.

First, update the concept, lifelong learning

Study political theory and improve ideological quality. We must deeply understand the policies and policies of higher education departments at all levels, and grasp the spiritual essence. Learn professional knowledge and improve professional quality. In today's society, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, the application period of knowledge is shortening, and knowledge innovation is becoming more and more obvious. This requires teachers to continuously absorb new information, new knowledge, new ideas, and constantly enrich themselves, always standing at the forefront of knowledge; constantly improving the knowledge structure Only by being knowledgeable and advancing with the times will students be able to believe in their own way. They must know what they are teaching, and even more so, in order to grasp the essentials, learn from each other, and use them freely. Only stimulate students' interest in learning.

Learn cultural knowledge and improve overall quality. As a teacher, you must not only learn professional knowledge, be proficient in this professional knowledge, but also learn humanistic knowledge related to the subject, such as social, psychological, and information technology, and strive to be comprehensive. Only by improving their professional knowledge and business level can they become more enthusiastic about education and teaching and become more motivated.

Second, abandon old things and keep pace with the times

Abandon old things and keep pace with the times. The changing times is a challenge to teachers. Educational concepts, teaching methods, and professional knowledge must keep pace with the times and need to be constantly updated, expanded, enriched and improved. Therefore, teachers must be brave in abandoning old things, accepting new things, keenly understanding new ideas, seriously studying new theories, actively and eagerly learning new knowledge, pioneering and renewing ideas, always standing at the tide of the times, Only one step ahead!

Love the job and dedication, strengthen the cultivation of teachers' morality. Because the profession of a teacher is the cause of educating people and shaping the soul, the teacher's world outlook, outlook on life and values, and even words and deeds, will have a profound and subtle influence on students. Therefore, teachers should always pay attention to the cultivation of their own moral sentiments. Through word-of-mouth teaching, infiltrate the truth while imparting knowledge, help students shape healthy personality, and cast a solid foundation for their happy future.

Train your heart and build an equal relationship. Teachers work with people, and people have emotions. They need teachers' care and concern. Teachers need to care for life, thought, and emotion. Therefore, teachers must learn to shorten the emotional distance with students, be good at discovering the psychological changes of students, set themselves in the mind of students, and understand the difficulties and troubles in their growth; they must build a new type of equal teacher-student relationship to draw closer Distance from students' minds and emotions can really teach and educate people.

Third, do a good job based on my job

Now that you have chosen the profession of teacher, you have no regrets!

Responsible for the teaching process. In order to continuously improve your teaching level, you must always study current affairs politics and professional theories; listen to lessons, ask for advice humbly, learn from other people's strengths, and comprehend the art of teaching; every last lesson must be based on the characteristics of the teaching materials and students Design the lesson plan according to the actual situation, make full preparations, and complete each teaching link carefully.

Responsible for students' future. Education is a long-term and interlocking process. Defects in one link will affect other links, thus affecting the normal growth of students. Therefore, teachers must be based on the present, look to the future, be happy for suffering, be willing to be lonely, act as a ladder, be responsible for parents, students, society, and the great cause of our great motherland.

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