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2019 elementary school students winter vacation reading notes essay Daquan

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In response to the needs of the majority of candidates, this site has collected and selected some high school entrance examination composition materials for the majority of candidates' friends.

After Reading "Education of Love"

For a whole month, I finally finished reading this thick "Education of Love". The first thing that touched me after reading was love. This book is based on the diary of a little boy, Aliko, to see the school and family relationship in daily life, the relationship between teachers and students, and the love of parents and siblings. Although the educational text of love is simple and simple, it also describes very ordinary characters, but it shows people's sincere emotions between people, which makes people feel moved. For example, in the monthly story, Marco is looking for his mother. It mentioned that because of his parents' debt, Marco's mother decided to work in Buenos Aires, which was well paid. When she left, she kept in touch with her family. But since Markel ’s mother wrote a letter last time saying she was unwell, she lost contact with her family. Letters sent in various ways at home were also lost. I didn't receive my mother's letter, so it was even colder at home. The father and son washed their faces in tears every day, and Marco thought his mother was dying. Finally, 13-year-old Marco took the initiative to decide to go to his mother. Marco's insistence made his father helplessly believe that this filial piety that understands things as well as adults will succeed. With everything in place, Marco started his journey to find his mother. On the way, he went through all kinds of hardships and dangers, tasted the sweetness and bitterness of life, I do n’t know how long it took, and with the persistent efforts of Marcol and the help of people, he finally found a dying mother who lost his sense of life. . With the help of the doctor, Marco and his mother finally reunited. After reading here, I ca n’t help but admire Marco ’s deep love for her mother. Think about yourself again. The same age as Marco, but seemingly ignorant, so small. Whenever a little thing happened with sesame and mung beans, spread the fire on mother. It's really too bad. Love is a word that each of us often hangs on, but sometimes, we often ignore the love around us: such as the meticulous love of parents for their children, the temptation of teachers to students, and the comfort of friends. `It is often taken for granted and we don't realize it carefully. And if you experience it, you will feel that life is such a wonderful thing! Sometimes, when we encounter setbacks, we often blame the sky, as if the whole world is against us, and even complain that no one in the world loves himself, and some want to be more pessimistic, they will commit suicide, expressing his protest, this How sad! In fact, if we can calm down and taste everything around us, we will find that in this world, there are so many people who hurt me, love me, help me, how happy I am! When you can feel that very ordinary love, I believe you will not regret giving your love to some people who need help, right? Friends, please bring a holy love into the world. You will find: As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better tomorrow. Please take the boat of love and finish your love life.

The 2019 primary school student winter vacation reading notes sample text provided by this site, I hope you can achieve excellent results.

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