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"Su Dongpo Biography" 600 words after reading

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"Su Dongpo Biography" 600 words after reading

After reading the book "Su Dongpo Biography", I have enough knowledge of Su Dongpo, a great writer. Many place names are mentioned in the book, and many are countless, which also reminds us of Su Dongpo's life drifting.

In the book, my favorite is Su Dongpo's hearty laughter-his laughter tells me a lot.

His smile is a kind of contented smile, and after he has been degraded, appreciating the scenery has become his greatest pleasure. Su Dongpo often wrote poems in front of the scenery. After writing, he always smiled happily for completing another article. Su Dongpo's smile also contained a kind of indifferent laugh. Officials of the imperial court tried to target him because of the problem. Without Su Dongpo's usual performance, take his article to stab at the bones; Su Shi apparently did not care about them, but also wrote the phrase "He Ri Duan Feng Tang", without meaning of guilt; Su Dongpo's smile, It's more about having fun. Who is not degraded after being degraded? Just like you were suddenly lowered from a team leader to an ordinary member, your ability is no longer affirmed.

Times created heroes, and Su Dongpo's long-lasting discussions in the history of ancient Chinese literature were mostly due to the circumstances in which he was living at the time, which created his high ideological and moral qualities. It is precisely because Su Shi's thinking is beyond ordinary people that makes his work stand out from the crowd like a bright star.

I like his disrespectful, righteous character. Although he is more impulsive and does not think through the brain, it is because of this that he is more attractive. "Why don't you get angry" said in the Chinese: "Don't think you are a university professor, so it is important to do research; don't think you are a pig killer, so no one will listen to you, and don't think you are a college student, not enough Qualification governs the affairs of society. If you are not angry today, if you do not stand up, tomorrow-and me, and you and my next generation, will become silent victims and victims! ”Su Shi ’s fierce personality, It had a great impact on that time and our later generations. He told us: we can't let those bad things go on. To stop them, they must have a leader. No one wants to let their own interests be lost, and no one wants to be the first person. Anyone who is a little savvy will not do that. Su Dongpo is determined to be the leader because he has "no head and no brain".

Despite the bumpy road, offending many people, and being repeatedly degraded, Su Dongpo is still full of happiness. He has a wife who loves him very much, a younger brother who is dependent on life and death, a friend who accompanies him, Wang Anshi who is either an enemy or a friend, and many good officials in the court. The most moving person in this is the emperor and the queen. The queen attaches great importance to Su Dongpo's literary talents. The queen always pleads for Su Dongpo every time he makes a mistake; the emperor is extremely strict with Su Dongpo. He attaches great importance to Su Dongpo's literary talents, but because Su Dongpo does not think about his work Outspoken, the emperor feared that he would offend the chief officer one day, so he devalued Su Dongpo.

I always have an admiration for Su Dongpo. I like his sincere treatment, sincere friends, and outspokenness. If I have such a relative, friend or classmate around me, I will cherish it very much!

"Su Dongpo Biography" 600 words after reading

"Biography of Su Dongpo" is one of Mr. Lin Yutang's many works. I consider myself a work worthy of careful taste, and all his works require our careful taste. Only in this way can we know the essence of it. Just like the same pot of good tea, we need to sit down and taste it in order to read out the philosophy of its life. For example, the same bottle of good wine is sweet and pure, making people forget to return. It has always been known that Su Dongpo is one of the representative figures of the uninhibited faction, just like the poems he wrote, with a magnificent atmosphere. Of course I also like him very much.

I admire Su Dongpo for his incomparable talent. Speaking of Su Dongpo, one must not mention his poetic talents. In his poems, there are passionate heroes of "Going to the East, Washing the Waves, Eternal Love," and "Emotions of Life and Death in Ten Years, Unthinking, and Unforgettable." It ’s fresh and elegant, and it has the philosophies of life: “People have sorrows, joys, separations, and moons and sorrows.” The realm has opened up the past and the present. . Through Dongpo, I touched the wandering clothes of Chinese literati and heard the soothing pulse of Chinese culture.

I respect Su Dongpo for his optimistic personality. "Success is also a poem, failure is also a poem" is perfectly appropriate for Dongpo. The "Wutai Poetry Case" makes people lament: Genius is often jealous. If Su Dongpo is too talented and sharp, then his colleagues who are friends will not turn him away, nor will he. Xia Chang, who was released a few times outside his hometown, was an hopeless optimist in Dongpo. He did not feel gloomy, but lived with ease. At the same time, his creative talents became more abundant. In Michigan, he wrote what is considered to be the best Mid-Autumn Festival poem "Water Tune Song Head", and the moving words and beautiful mood have continued to flourish to this day. And in the savage land of Lingnan where he was in his later years, "three sun-dried litchis, long-term Lingnan people" is exactly the portrayal of Su Dongpo's open mind.

I admire Su Dongpo because of his mighty spirit. When Wang Anshi's reforms appeared various shortcomings, Su Dongpo and others immediately objected. Su Dongpo used his best weapon, pen, to write the Emperor Shenzong's Wanyan book, including his own political philosophy, and also expressed his personal The temperament and style, its wit, and its fearlessness are clearly visible. Later, Su Dongpo's failure to oppose the reform was dismissed to Hangzhou, so he stayed away from the hustle and bustle and returned to the pure and ethereal spirit; he was used to indifference, and his talents were more handsome and easy-going; "A little bit of arrogance, a thousand miles fast winds" Su Dongpo, a magnificent and dreadful word, tells the world: as long as a person has the most magnificent arrogance, he can be extraordinary, upright, straightforward, and comfortable in any situation. , Can be calm and enjoy the great wind that makes people feel infinitely happy!

As Lin Yutang said: Su Dongpo is dead, his name is just a memory. But what he left us is the joy of his soul, the joy of his thoughts, and this is eternal. Su Dongpo's mighty spirit, like his poems, will last forever!

"Su Dongpo Biography" 600 words after reading

Biography of Su Dongpo, written by Lin Yutang. The names of the writer and the person being written are like thunder, so this is a classic with a very high gold content.

At that time, reading it was still with some purpose and emergency-in order to talk about a special topic of "University Chinese", that is, "the master of Song Dynasty literature-Su Dongpo". Later, I learned that this book was also the benchmark for a long biography in the history of modern Chinese literature. Mr. Lin Yutang, who has learned both Chinese and Western styles, uses his fresh flowers to paint the life of a writer, politician, and painter. A bright, versatile, full-fledged, respectable and adorable Su Dongpo clearly appears in front of people. (After reading jajshop.com)

Among the ancients, I like Su Dongpo the most. First of all, I like his poems such as "when there is a bright moon", "horizontally viewed as a ridge and a mountain," and so on, and then by his "two lives and deaths in ten years" Impressed by his affection, he was impressed by his optimistic attitude of "a smoky rain and any life". After reading this book, he felt that he was "a rare horn in the heavens and the earth." Only Master Lin Yutang Lin's pen can He exaggerated, photographed, and lived. Master Lin said: "Knowing a person, or not knowing a person, has nothing to do with whether he is a contemporaries. The main thing is to understand whether he has sympathy. In the final analysis, we can only know who we really know, we I can only fully understand the people we really like. I think I fully know Su Dongpo because I know him. I know him because I like him. "

And we know that sometimes we fall in love with someone, or treat it as an idol, because we know so clearly in our hearts that such a person cannot be our poor life, whether it is a congenital talent, or Acquaintance of the day after tomorrow, or the magnificence given by the big age. We are struggling in our lives and become dust as soon as we are inattentive, so small, so compelled by reality, that everything is justified, so the flash talent and laissez-faire of others have become our envy in the dark One of the targets of jealousy and hate.

This is true for Han Han, Michael Jackson, and even more so Su Dongpo. The wisdom and talent of Su Dongpo not only stunning the contemporaries, but also passed through thousands of years, warming us and sharing our joy and sorrow. Such a lively life, such an approachable ancient man, such a talented mind, such an ups and downs of fate and the philosophical humor expressed by him in the flow of destiny, and the attitude of enjoying life are really the second, the old, the modern and the Chinese. Come out.

Every time I think of the existence of such a great and warm soul in the world, I feel very moved. Su Dongpo used his writing, his deeds, and his people to show me a realm of life.

"Su Dongpo Biography" 600 words after reading

Why is the book "Su Dongpo Biography" so attractive to me? It's because of two people-the protagonist Su Dongpo and the author Lin Yutang.

There is no need to say more about Su Dongpo's natural talents. Examples of wonderful articles in the book abound. Su Shi's poems are not uncommon, but the poems quoted in the book are combined with the poet's life scenes. Each sentence is naturally chanted in the poet's mouth under a certain scene. Feeling fresh and tangible.

Mr. Dongpo is open-minded and likes to make friends. Ordinary people also have the opportunity to toast with him and seek out the secrets. When he sighs on the moonlit solitary boat, "The small boat has passed away, the river and the sea will be sent for the rest of his life", can't he be absorbed in this? It was the luck of his contemporaries, but they were also unfortunate. Su Dongpo lived in the Song Dynasty for decades, which meant turmoil and disaster for the people.

Under the cover of the nest, there is a complete egg. As far as Su Dongpo is concerned, the era of rapid change and his active entry into the world have made mutual achievements, but his fate has been doomed from the beginning. For decades, the Erhai Lake floated and fell into a dispute between vulgarity and change. Su Dongpo was exiled, his wife was scattered, and he was impoverished for a few days. As the spiritual leader of the Yuanyou Party members, he pleaded for the people, he spoke frankly, and kept on fighting, but he never compromised or retreated.

From the beginning to the end, Su Dongpo has maintained a cherished heart, and Dartz has helped the world, while the poor is alone, and he walked on the wire of the birth and accession with extraordinary wisdom. He is also a most affectionate person. He has profound feelings for his loved ones, lovers, and friends. He is full of chests, and he is a splendid article. A song "Two Decades of Life and Death" has been sung forever.

In the face of Su Dongpo, who is multi-faceted and three-dimensional, it is undoubtedly futile to count his achievements. It is often missed-from this point, it can be seen that genius can perceive but cannot contemplate. Reading Su Chuan is actually following and observing the life of a great man with great thoughts and hearts. Even if the poet is ancient, the joy of his soul and the joy of his mind that he has left to us is like Jiang Fengmingyue, which is inexhaustible. exhaust.

Back to the topic, I have to mention another talent-Lin Yutang. Honestly, this book is far from the current mainstream literary style and lacks elements to stun the eye, but its appeal comes from its purity. As the author said, he wrote this book "just for pleasure", of course, because of his love for Su Dongpo.

With such a creative motivation, the written works are naturally extremely durable and readable. The writer is not watching the fire from the other side, and the reader is easily exposed to it. The fascinated person seems to have made some kind of covenant with this book. As soon as he opens the book, he can't help but follow the content of the content or joy or sorrow. One day after his death, he couldn't help but sigh.

Sighing, I could n’t help but turned to continue reading, and then turned the page, the book line came to an abrupt end-readers will definitely not find it fun-the book may continue to write, but there is no sequel to life, the world can never break There will be a second Su Dongpo-style character. But why bother with it? "Life is so familiar everywhere, it should be like Feihong stepping on the snow mud. By accidentally leaving fingers on the mud, Hongfei counts things." The poet has given us the answer thousands of years ago. .

It was an ugly time to rise yesterday with friends and visit Moon Lake at night. Come to your heart and feel the love of the mountains and rivers. As of the next day, the letter and the book, thousands of words are more than one, I feel that.

"Su Dongpo Biography" 600 words after reading

This time I saw Mr. Lin Yutang's Biography of Su Dongpo. Fallen for Dongpo's chic poems, sighed for the ups and downs of Dongpo's life, admired Dongpo's uninhibited feelings, and moved by Dongpo's true disposition. Mr. Lin Yutang described Dongpo as: "A hopeless optimist, a great humanitarian, a friend of the people, a great man, a great calligrapher, an innovative painter, a wine experimenter, an engineer, a hate A Puritan, a yoga yogi, a Buddhist, a Confucian politician, an emperor's secretary, a wine god, a kind judge, a man who thinks that politics is antithetical, a wanderer of the moonlight, a poet, a clown . "All these can be consistent with Dongpo's life trajectory. Of all this, I think the true-tempered optimist can best describe Dongpo. He is the kind of person who has a feeling in his heart and has to spit it out, so future generations have countless good poems, and because of this he has been slandered by villains throughout his life, but he does not know that "repentance" moved his mouth and said " I ’m really incurable "; he is the kind of person who is between the WTO and the world, from active entry into the world when he was a young man, to promotion and demotion after several promotions, and he just wanted to get rid of his armor and return to the field. The party in charge served the people and cultivated for himself; he is the one who has no lack of reputation throughout his life. He has not only enjoyed the benefits but also affected many people, but he can lie in the vegetable field with farmers without a shelf. Even though the peasant did not know what he was talking about, he was the man who indulged in the landscape and wine, and also decorated the landscape with the landscape. This is why there is Suti, and he also tries to make wine when he is tasting, although he is only making wine. He was drunk in the process; he was the one who could endure the huge ups and downs in life. I didn't see tears on the bumpy road. I saw calm, calm and calm joy. Everywhere he went, he was with Natural fusion with the local people; he is the romantic man who seems to be downcast, who swims in the night boat in Chengtian Temple, drinks poems under the moon, and is a poet who has been loved by generations of queens. I have developed a strong interest in these women; he is a man with a broad mind, "The small boat has died, and Jiang Hai has given birth to him".

All these piecemeal feelings can actually be a manifestation of true disposition-only the most innocent, most direct, and most authentic person can be so cute, so chic, so passionate about life, so Another touched. From Dongpo's body, I can feel a kind of power of love, joy, joy, and peace, emanating from his poems and from his experiences. I can see him holding a wine glass and strolling under the moon, holding a hoe, happily working, and comparing himself with potential. In a person's life, there must be several spiritual idols, and Su Dongpo should be one of them. In the face of the ups and downs of life, our own attitude is very important. Is it laughter for suffering? Or is it a slump? Sometimes we trap ourselves in our hearts and slowly make ourselves unable to let go and let go. Can't really feel life. Don't be afraid of suffering, let the storm be more violent! Only in this way can you feel what life has given us, and you can really cherish it with your heart! From today: "The small boat has passed away and the rivers and seas have been born".

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