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Reply to Wang Hong_Composition 100 words

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Reply to Wang Hong

Student Wang Hong:

Hello there!

After reading your letter, I think you are doing something wrong.

What's wrong? Let me analyze it in my class. First of all, you should not readily agree to go to your classmates for a birthday. You should discuss with your parents before telling the classmate if they can go. If you have agreed to go to give him a birthday, but after discussing it with your parents, they do not agree, you should call to tell your classmates that they cannot go.

If you want your classmates to make up with you, you can apologize to your classmates and explain why you did n’t go. If you are not embarrassed or if your classmates are unwilling to ignore you, you can write to them; or send a small gift Wish you happy, so that the students will not be alienated from you, will play with you, will live in harmony with you, you will no longer be alone.

Hope this helps you.

Wish you

healthy and happy!

Conscious sister

December 21, 2008

Reply to Wang Hong

Reply to Wang Hong

Student Wang Hong:

Hello, I'm Sister Xinxin. After reading your letter, I suddenly remembered my experience.

On a Sunday, I received an invitation from my classmate's birthday, and I agreed quickly. When I got home, I immediately did my homework, finished my homework, and immediately left wearing shoes. At this time, I just listened to my mother ’s cry: Where to go Yeah, I replied; I went to a fellow scholar to attend her birthday. At this time, I forgot one thing, how could I go empty-handed, that was too disrespectful, thinking, I ran to my mother and said: give fifty Yuan bar, Mom, Mom heard that: make a gift yourself, not to express my sincerity, I thought about it: there must be many classmates who bought delicate gifts for this classmate, if you make a gift for classmates yourself, the period is not people Laugh at Big Teeth, and time is running out. Thinking about it, Tiger raised his face and said in a serious tone: "Did you let your daughter lose face, and everyone would buy exquisite gifts for birthday classmates, just do it by myself, give it to me, my mother listens, Angrily said: Do n’t go anywhere today. After listening to this, my heart was extinguished by the water falling from the sky. This made my joy go away. I was sullen on Monday. I found my birthday. My classmates and my better classmates ignored me, but I was very sad. Later, the teacher's classmates 'parents' guidance helped me to solve the problem, so that I can understand that it is not easy for parents to earn money. Every day, I only have to pay hundreds of yuan to return I need to pay for the supplementary course. We primary school students should develop a good habit of frugality and economy to lighten the burden on parents.

After hearing my story, you have some feelings, you must try to correct your mistakes, you think; if you are a classmate on that birthday, how do you feel, whether angry or sad, you should take the initiative The classmate apologized and explained the reason to her. Do n’t lose a period of sincere friendship for your own mistakes. Listen to me, that's right


study progress

Conscious sister

December 8

Reply to Wang Hong (Reprinted)

Wang Hong:

Hello there.

I sympathize with you, because you are in a difficult situation, so I am willing to help you.

You said that your parents didn't agree with you, and that was correct. But the classmates ignored you, www.XUEZHIZHI.com, because that night, you didn't go to the birthday party. This is a reason to alienate your classmates from you. You can write to them and explain that it is not your fault or your parents' fault. It is because a ten-year-old child holds a birthday party, which is not suitable, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the students.

In addition, you send a small gift to your classmates and say a wish to you that you will be happy, so that the classmates will not alienate from you, the classmates will definitely play with you, they will get along with you, and you will no longer Alone.

This will definitely work, come on!

Wish you

Academic success.

Yu Wenxin can help you solve difficulties

December 14

The letter format is correct. It is meaningful for the little writer to put forward practical solutions based on students' physical and mental development.

(Instructor: Jiang Ge)

Reply to Wang Hong

Children Wang Hong:

Hello there!

I'm glad you can write to me, and I'm glad you can bravely express your troubles. I'd love to help you out of trouble.

Let's analyze the reason first, shall we? You said in the letter that a very good classmate invited you and several other classmates, and you immediately agreed. You still say in the letter that since this incident, the classmates have alienated you, right? Do you know why? That's because you promised others, but didn't go, let others wait for nothing, then they think you are a person who keeps their promises and likes to lie, and they will feel insecure with you. I think this is why many students are alienating or intentionally avoiding you.

Did you know that I have encountered something similar to you before? I once celebrated my birthday and invited two of my best classmates to my house for my birthday. The night before my birthday, Wang Jing, my classmate, called me. She was embarrassed to say: I'm sorry, I may not be able to come tomorrow, but I'm really sorry. I understand and I'm not angry about it. Seeing this, do you think you borrowed that day?

Little Wang Hong, you definitely want to be reconciled with your friends, so try my proposal. You can choose a good opportunity to explain the course of things to those students, and say a few words from time to time, if necessary, you can also send a gift to show how much you want to reconcile.

Wang Hong, when you interact with others in the future, you should pay attention to your own words and deeds. If there are contradictions, you should find more reasons from yourself and take the initiative to communicate with others. Do you understand what I said?

Little Wang Hong, if you have any troubles in the future, you must come to me!

Reply to Wang Hong

Reply to Wang Hong

Student Wang Hong:

Hello there!

I am sorry to hear from you. Wang Hong, I think your parents are doing it right, because your parents may be worried about you, because it is at night after all!

I also understand you very well, because I have your experience too!

That was when I was in the second grade and one of my very good friends was celebrating birthday. She asked me if I wanted to go, and I happily agreed to her. However, after going home to discuss with mom and dad, mom and dad are firmly opposed. So I didn't make it. Because of this incident, many classmates have estranged from me, and some even ignored me. I am sad. Later, I made a greeting card, and then invited her to the house, apologized to her and said, "My parents said that I've been very nervous recently, so I didn't go to your house, sorry! Then pass her the greeting card. She also understood me very well, and reconciled with me as always.

Wang Hong, you can use the method I taught you. I remember we taught a text called "I can't break faith." We have to learn from the mother of Soong Ching Ling, let us remember that I can't break my word!

Wang Hong, if you have any troubles, you can write to me at any time!

Wish you

Learning progress, happy every day

Conscious sister

December 16, 2008

Reply to Wang Hong

Student Wang Hong:

Hello there!

After reading your letter, I am sad. In fact, sometimes, if you are not careful, you may break the vase that others love; sometimes, if you do n’t carelessly, it may hurt others ’hearts so you do n’t need to be sad again. Since you have accidentally offended others, you must apologize sincerely. This can not only make up for mistakes and resolve contradictions, but also promote communication and enhance mutual relationships.

So, Sister Zhixin gave you two tricks _

Of course, the first trick: apologize. During the Liberation War, Marshal Peng Dehuai blame General Hong Xuezhi wrongly. Later, Marshal Peng took a pear and said to General Hong with a smile: Come, eat pear! After I spoke with Li (Li), the two laughed together. So, if you find a birthday classmate, sincerely apologize and explain why you don't go to his house, she will understand you.

The second trick: make up. Since you missed the party, find a suitable time to find a classmate who went to the birthday party to go to your house to make up for the missed party.

Sincerely apologizing and making up will eventually get the understanding and respect of your friends, I believe that your friends will grow up!

Wish you

Regain friendship!

Supervisor: Tianhang Experimental School (2) He Weihong

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