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After reading the analysis of party spirit: Be the best and excellent Communist Party member

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I joined the work in July 1994 and joined the Communist Party of China in December 1999. I am currently a member of the office of the Yuye Logistics Company and an executive director of a technology company.

In accordance with the decision of the central government and the deployment of the company, education to maintain the advanced nature of party members has been fully launched. I actively participated in this event with a high degree of political responsibility and a serious attitude. I have listened to the party lessons of the General Manager of the Group Corporation, studied advanced education reading books, watched revolutionary education documentaries, listened to the excellent Communist Party members of the municipal bureau, the deeds of advanced collectives, and lectures on warning education. I also participated in the Peng Shui pairing The support activities have made me deeply aware that the education of maintaining the advanced nature of Communist Party members is of great significance, and at the same time have also given me a profound education in ideology. In the past few days, after careful study and comparison, I have seriously reflected and analyzed myself. I believe that my political position is firm, that I am clear-headed and have a clear attitude in the face of many major events. It can consciously maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee in ideology, deeds, and actions, and has clearly strengthened its theoretical study and work attitude, and has been able to work hard to implement the important thinking of the three representatives. Have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility at work, work steadily and diligently, can complete various tasks with quality and quantity. However, with the high standards of party members, the advanced nature of Communist Party members specifically requires comparison with themselves, and at the same time with model Party members around me, I see my shortcomings, find gaps, and strengthen the urgency and consciousness of hard work and hard work. Now, in light of my own problems in party spirit and work style, I will carry out a careful inspection and self-analysis.

I. Main problems

(1) The theory of advancedness of Communist Party members is not enough for theoretical study

Learning is very important for each of our party members, but how to put it into practice is indeed an urgent issue. Although I have strengthened in this aspect by participating in various activities of advanced education, But it is not fast enough, mainly in the following aspects: First, the study mainly stays in the study organized by the Party branch and branch of the group company, and it is not enough time to consciously and plan the study; Second, it is busy all day More transactional work, less time to learn. Thirdly, it emphasizes that there are more objective reasons and less in-depth analysis of subjective factors. Fourth, the depth of study is not enough, and only a little knowledge is available. Actually, there is still work to be done in theoretical connection.

(2) The firmness of the communist belief is not strong enough

I grew up under the influence of the Red. I was influenced by the party from an early age. My father was an old party member with a 42-year-old party. Belief can be said to be unwavering. However, over time, my ideological reform has also eased, and it is impossible to correctly analyze and understand the harmfulness and impact of the bad phenomenon in society and the party, especially some senior leaders, on our party. Through the study of this educational activity, I clearly realized that our party is trustworthy under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with hjt as the core, and will definitely resist all kinds of crooked practices.

(3) Work ideas need to be broadened, and work skills and cultural accomplishments need to be strengthened

Through studying, I realized that my work idea is not wide enough, and the work of mutual coordination and overall consideration is not good enough. When encountering difficulties, sometimes they are prone to fear, without more consideration on how to think of ways to raise the level of work in all aspects to a higher level. Get more ideas for your leaders at work and not worry about them enough. Because I work in the office, there are many complicated affairs, and I have to take care of the office affairs of the two logistics and technology companies. I just focus on doing things and step by step, which reduces the communication and communication with colleagues in various departments. The purpose of the office's work is to do a good job of providing logistical support for all departments, and to be a good link and bridge between leaders and the masses. But service is not just verbal, but a very practical job. I am not doing very well in this regard, I do n’t care enough about the masses, I do n’t know enough about the masses, and my awareness of service and dedication still needs to be improved.

To sum up: All of them are the result of failing to strictly meet the advanced standards of Communist Party members. It should be more profoundly recognized that the party's advanced nature is the party's lifeline. The party's advanced nature is not reflected in the air, but through the advanced nature of each party member. The ruler of advancedness is often used to measure oneself when necessary, and the best way to measure is by carrying out criticism and self-criticism. Each party member comes from a specific class of society and inevitably carries a variety of non-proletarian ideas. Only through criticism and self-criticism can we continuously improve party members' awareness and ideological state, and consciously resist the asset stage and various decaying and declining ideas. Erosion really solves the problem of ideological joining the party.

Second, rectification measures

(A) Strict requirements, starting from me

The party constitution is the criterion for the action of each of our party members. I want to re-examine myself with the standards of party members, and beat myself at any time to alert myself to the four self-respects of self-respect, self-examination, self-monitoring, and self-reliance. Really do:

1. We must conscientiously study the important thinking of the three representatives, adhere to and carry forward the political nature and revolutionary integrity of the Communists, and in any case be loyal to the cause of the party and the people, and clearly fight against all kinds of wrong ideas and bad tendencies.

2. Adhere to the grandfather's selflessness, integrity, and hard work. In the face of the impact of adverse phenomena in society, refrain from corrosion, always keep a clear head and a firm stand.

3. Take up the ideological weapons of criticism and self-criticism, and carry out an active ideological struggle to promote yourself to clean up the ideological dust, adhere to the good, correct the wrong, treat yourself correctly, but also treat others properly, and practice the three A model that represents important ideas.

4. Brave the difficulties with the fearless spirit, endure hardship first, enjoy later, let

Colleagues are satisfied, reassuring leaders, and truly play a vanguard role model for party members.

(2) Pioneering and innovating, and making every effort to do a good job

In order to do a better job, I think: First, we must conscientiously implement various rules and regulations, and work strictly in accordance with the system. During the implementation process, we must not only talk about principles, but also pay attention to working methods. Good patient and careful work. Second, we must thoroughly explore new problems, new contradictions, and work creatively in the work. We must give full play to the advanced nature of party members. The third is to give full play to the role of staff assistant, give more ideas for leaders, and put forward more targeted suggestions for the company. The fourth is to communicate more with activists and non-party comrades, often exchange ideas with them, and care and help them politically, so that they can feel the care and love of the party branch for them. The fifth is to overcome impatience and truly become an outstanding communist.

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