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600-character reading notes on the novel "The Grass House"

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Grass house reading notes 600 words

All-colored grass house, this is Yau Ma Tei Primary School. There are three or two bushes of bamboo, clusters of wild roses, and small unknown wild flowers among the grass houses. Under the sun, the grass house glowed golden light. The story of the "grass house" begins here

Sang Sang, like many children, is very mischievous. He saw off the four legs of the cupboard at home, smashed the glass, and asked Ashu to steal some wooden boards at home and transform it into a senior pigeon cage (though in the eyes of Sang Sang's parents, this is already a disabled cupboard ), So that he was beaten hard. A few days later, Sang Sang actually relapsed. He removed the mosquito nets from his parents' bed, changed them into a large net with scissors, and fished for small fish and shrimp in the river. At night, his mother punished him and removed his own mosquito net. At first sight, the consequences were very serious. Sang Sang was covered with mosquitoes, and his left eye was red and swollen. These things make people laugh. What is Sang Sang doing? Just for trouble? Or destroy it? Do not! He just wanted the pigeons to have a warm and comfortable nest, just to make himself a little famous among his peers.

Remember that summer? Sang Sang was wearing a large cotton jacket, dragging a bamboo pole, and making all kinds of strange and laughable moves. Later, the sudden appearance of the condor, all eyes shifted to the body of the condor, the condor stole the limelight, and Sang Sang had a slight hatred. Sang Sang is not a wooden man, he also has flesh and blood, how can there be no human emotion? Sang Sang also sent a letter to Jiang Yilun's teacher and Baique, almost becoming a matchmaker for the red line. To Grandma Qin, who loves Ai Di, he is the first one to visit her and sympathize with her.

When he was going to junior high school, Sang Sang had a bulging lump on his neck, and it hurt like a needle. Sang Qiao took Sang Sang to many hospitals, found countless kinds of prescriptions, and wanted to cure his son's illness. Perhaps it was Sancho's love for his son that moved God, and when he was discouraged, he finally worked hard and found someone who could cure the disease. Sang Sang drank the bitter Chinese medicine and gradually got better. Father as a mountain! All this stems from him and his father, and it is precisely because of their unremitting efforts and not giving up a glimmer of hope that makes Sang Sang better. If Sang Sang sat in the room and sighed all day long after he became ill, I'm afraid he would have returned to the West.

I like "Grass House" that I can't help but also love Sang Sang, and I also like the beautiful qualities of him, these qualities emit a dazzling light like gold!

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