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"Thick Black Learning" 600 words after reading

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"Thick Black Learning" 600 words after reading

I recently read Mr. Li Zongwu's "Thick Black Studies" which gave me some ideas. Although I have heard of Hou Hei Xue a long time ago, I have just finished reading it recently. It is a bit embarrassing. Here I would like to share with you some of my emotions. What is "thick", that is, the face must be as thick as a city wall, what is "black", that is, the heart is as dark as coal. Only by understanding this essence and using it skillfully can we be able to do something . Speaking of which, the book exemplifies how black and white and thickness have affected the success or failure of Cao Cao, a tyrant, Xiang Yu, a monarch, and Liu Bang, a monarch. Through the history of these three countries, it is very convincing to pass thick black throughout history. In addition, the author also applied Newtonian mechanics to psychology, which has to be said to be a breakthrough.

The thick black school is divided into three aspects. The first is "thick as a city wall, black as coal". At first, the face was like a piece of white paper, divided by inches and ruled by feet, and finally it became as thick as a city wall. At first, the color of the heart changed from white to black, and finally it became carbon black. At this point, it can only be regarded as preliminary kung fu, because although the city walls are thick, they can still be broken with cannons. Although the coal is black, the color is amazing. Hate, people are not willing to approach, so it can only be regarded as preliminary kung fu, superficial phenomenon.

The second aspect is "thick and hard, black and bright." People in the depths can learn how to attack him, and he remains motionless. Liu Bei is such a group of people, and even Cao Cao cannot help him. The more black people in the deep, the more black the buyer, the more they can attract the world, but if you do this, you can still see that his face is thick and black, and he cannot reach the moody and undisguised. realm.

The third aspect is "thick and invisible, black and colorless." People who have reached this state of mind have long been familiar with the theory of thick black, and are good at discerning and observing colors. They can effectively deal with complex interpersonal relationships, and they don't leave a tone of voice. They have thick black in their hearts, but they ca n’t see thick black, even thick to black. Hereafter in heaven, this is a supreme realm.

Hou Hei Xue has a century of history, and its theory has continued to this day and still does not feel outdated. The present era is a time full of competition, a world full of competition, natural selection, survival of the fittest, do n’t complain. Don't feel unfair. The world is inherently unfair. Instead of complaining and feeling unfair, it is better to learn Mr. Li's "Hou He Xue", learn the same methods and thoughts of doing things and find some successful ways.

"Thick Black Learning" 600 words after reading

The thick black science is the philosophy of the new era, the product of the new era, and the philosophy that guides people to live in this era. Because some content conflicts with traditional ethics, it is not actually a conflict, but the old things have new interpretations. Hou Hei Xue reflects the dark and selfish side of the Chinese nation from a certain angle, but also reflects the Chinese way of life. So people have mixed opinions about it.

The so-called thick black is "thick-skinned, black-hearted." Looking at the long history, the so-called heroes are all cheeky and black-hearted, but for us ordinary people, they are not big people. As long as they can be black-skinned, they can be as good as fish in society. If everyone is unscrupulous, then the whole world is guilty of mischief and intrigue, and those simple people will not be able to live. So we have to live well, the first task is to become a cheeky person. (After reading jajshop.com)

In this world, only a thick-skinned person can do one thing successfully. A cheeky person has three main characteristics, one is that a liar does not blink, one is that a liar will never blush when pierced on the spot, and one is that no one is indifferent. How to get cheeky?

The most important thing to be cheeky is to eliminate self-esteem. If you let go of your self-esteem, you won't take pride in front of others. If you don't pride yourself, you can lie and blush.

Really cheeky, dare to face fresh saliva. Always remind yourself that I am cheeky, I will be afraid of these ignorant taunts? I am cheeky and who am I afraid of? When self-esteem will be wiped out invisibly in taunting, cheeky will be invisible The ground appeared cricket, and if no one was around, the storm would arrive like a storm. When a friend works in a wine industry, he is a typical cheeky person. He is doing business, that is, selling wine. The word that has been hanging on his lips is "You don't care about your dignity, others will give you face. Dignity is He lowered himself to fight for it. "So he has a thick face, but he also has the best performance. The first skill in sales is to be thick-skinned.

Until the day when you are cheeky, you will be a very social person, and you will not care about other people ’s opinions. You will live a bit smarter and let your value be fully displayed. In the end, you may It is a person recognized by society and an idol of others.

"Thick Black Learning" 600 words after reading

This book was written by Mr. Li Zongwu. Before reading this book, I was not very clear about the concept of thick black. It is so-called: "Since ancient times, there are countless number of authors who can be called the best," he said. Then I want to say that although Li Zongwu was published in the Republic of China, he could leave a strong mark in Chinese culture. After reading this book, I have a new understanding and understanding of life.

"Mr. Li Zongwu's literary talent and thinking transcended ordinary people, and there is a kind of pride within the scholars. The collision of Chinese and Western cultures during the Republic of China created such a wonderful work in the literary world that he used his sages to comment on the world's capable people. The more popular view on Li Zongwu.

"Thick Black Studies" focuses on the heroes of the Three Kingdoms and the famous Chinese and Han dynasties, and discusses the experience of thick-hearted and black-hearted, summarizes in three steps, and emphasizes the different concepts of black and thick. "Thick Black Studies" uses three steps to summarize the three states of thick and black: one, thick as a city wall, black as coal; two, thick and hard, black and bright; three, thick and invisible, black and colorless . From the book, Li Zongwu only sees the second realm. His understanding of human nature is based on evil, so he reviews the world. Seeing the evil side first, then giving up the good side of human nature, since ancient times heroes have used the appearance of righteousness and morality to embody the personal point of view of the beginning of human nature. As for the third realm, ordinary good and evil cannot be interpreted, so he avoided talking.

In terms of dealing with people, "Hou Hei Xue" also writes, "He must be" those "in his life. If he is introverted, he cannot endure all kinds of humiliations in life exchanges. I can't get along with my friends and enemies, and I can't seize the opportunity to show myself. Even if I have great intellect, I will be drowned in all beings. This is a pity. "So in my opinion, Mr. Li Zongwu's advocate of thick blackness, while advocating blackness, emphasizes the use of evil in the world, only for everyone to win the happiness that truly belongs to him in life in a way that suits himself.

In this book, the "black" must not at the cost of giving up morality at all costs in exchange for his own fame and fortune. The word "black" in this book is not simple and scheming and insidious. It also contains the profound connotation of wisdom, strategy and farsightedness. Who wants to fully demonstrate their personal value, then they must have more wisdom and strategy than others. This is what modern people need to succeed.

In a real society, when things are complicated, people are old, and life is difficult, how can we gain a foothold in a more and more complex society, let the wind and the wind rain around, and make things easier for us? ?

As the saying goes, "A gentleman stands in poverty and indifference. He can't succumb to mighty power. He can't be rich or prostitute." However, fewer and fewer people can really do it. I believe that our lives will shine brightly. I think for someone like me who is still in college, thick black may have a different definition for me personally.

"Thick Black Learning" 600 words after reading

After hearing about Li Zongwu's "Thick Black Studies", he has not had time to study them carefully. Take advantage of these days of the holiday, carefully read it again, and talk about some personal ideas.

The article mentioned: "Thick black credits work in three steps. The first step is 'thick as a city wall, black as coal.' Although the city walls are thick, they can be blasted with artillery; although the coal is black, its color is abominable, and everyone is reluctant to approach it. The second step is "thick and hard, black and bright." Compared with the first step of kung fu, although there is a big difference, after all, Ding is tangible. After careful observation, others can see clues. The third step is "thick and invisible, black and colorless", entering the realm of "silent and odorless, invisible and colorless".

In this situation, you can attack invincible, invincible, invincible, and invincible. The thick black technique was regarded as a guild by feudal politicians, which is a trick for its struggle for power. Li Jian politicians may not understand political science, but they must be able to understand the sciences. These "Thick Black Scriptures" are like a double-edged sword. They are all measured by the owner. If used well, they are a magic weapon for successfully dealing with complex interpersonal relationships. If they are not used well, they will become a mischievous life Means. 'Thick black' means, in old Li's words, 'the skin should be thick and the heart black.'

"Thick-skinned" It emphasizes that we must learn to forbear in order to survive in society, and don't place too much emphasis on face. Good face is almost a common problem of Chinese people. People always lose a lot of opportunities for the sake of face problems, miss countless opportunities, and miss the good fortune because of taking care of their faces. But looking back, the so-called face is just the psychological balance of the momentary courage and contention, which is really insignificant compared to other things. Sometimes we really need to put our heads down and face the established facts. Not to disregard self-esteem, but to distinguish between priorities.

'Hearts need to be black' means that people who do big things must have a certain courage, and they can't be overly compassionate in some things. This is especially true for leaders. Sometimes the heart is too soft but the weakness of a person's survival. Imagine that a person is always in a passive beating, and is too kind and weak. Isn't that the object of some speculative attacks? He must be black with bad people. Can't be deceived and tricked, still a pitiful and merciless look.

There are varying degrees of instability in every social system. Instead of complaining cruelly and unfairly, it is better to read "Hou He Xue". Learn the solution from middle school and understand the philosophy of life. Believing that there are more ways than difficulties, I believe that life is still good.

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