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Eighteen years old and other 800 words after reading

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Eighteen years old and other 800 words after reading

This is a beautiful article about life written by Taiwanese writer Yang Zi. The full text is divided into four parts, 'eighteen years old', the contradiction between two generations', the bitter joy of reading, 'youth'.

'In the east, it seems that the dawn dawns, and at first glance, the earth is bright. 'Suddenly I came from eighteen, and you are eighteen years old! Like a stream of water, like a stream of water! The eternal sentiment is eternal! When the bird has wings and soars in the sky, I cannot ask you to attach to me, I can only follow you with warm eyes, pay attention to your direction, and my heart will rise and fall with you in the air. Yesterday, I still held you in my arms, wiped your little face stained with tears, and listened to your stories about the teachers and children in the kindergarten. Yesterday, the red scarf and the two red terriers on your arms made you dazzled! Yesterday, you told your classmates that mom could n’t go out to play without finishing her homework. I have to ask my mother about this matter, and so on. Languages like this have been comforting to mothers for a while. Today, it has become yesterday! In an instant, you told me that I have my own thoughts, and you can suggest, but not Can decide what I want to do! At that moment, I feel that I have been laid off, lost, and carefully 'snooping', enabling skills, and communication. I hope that I can do what I say in this article. If you have a confidant in your life, you should use your own child For the most! Mom will be promoted to be a friend! Request to be added as a friend, agree? Reject? Such a humble attitude is only parents to children! Poor parents in the world! The father in the text congratulates his child on his eighteenth birthday !

The fault of the parents is from love, even if it is self-righteous love! Persevering in caring for the happiness of the children, democracy and power cannot be perfectly reflected at the same time! The fault of the children is that they forgot to examine their maturity when they declared independence, and the bitterness of their parents The bitterness and sweetness of children are just the difference in time. It is unfair to deny experience unconditionally. No matter how old a person is, he will grow up in his growth! Learn to think and reflect, learn to distinguish right from wrong, learn to uphold virtue, learn to be modest, learn survival skills, learn ... In short, learn and learn, and spend your entire life! Remember I once told my children that in the process of growing up, the small tree must be continuously trimmed until it grows into a towering tree, and the same is true for children, until they grow into a pillar. Mom will do it from the moment you give birth to you. Ready, pain and happiness with you! I will not abstain from my responsibility! I hope that the child can be an honest and kind person who has the courage and responsibility to be useful to the country, society and the family! I hope our conflicts and generation gaps Disappear in the process of reading love! The eternal love between blood relatives will make us face hardships and cannot be forsaken! Children, I really hope that your brothers and sisters will treat your mother as a confidant who can talk to each other and let us share your joy And share your troubles!

School is about to start, depressed! When can the pain be over! Familiar, child! I am with you depressed, painful, looking forward to the end! Why is this so? Educators, hard gardeners, dear Teachers, I give my children to you and watch them enter the school like strong men. I, a mother, are powerless, and the education system is still reforming. We must be tolerant, wait patiently for success, and pray for success! Smiling at the child, but also at ease with the parents, I had to ask the teacher to be more involved in the education system and the child, to give the child as much happiness as possible. I always think that a good teacher will make his students like his own class, which is a concrete manifestation of teacher morals and abilities. One day, there will be a peaceful learning atmosphere on our campus. Reading is the most enjoyable in the smiles of the students! Now, I ask you with the utmost strength, my children, try my best to find the joy of learning. In the ocean, there are countless Penglaixian islands, which are involved in it, and have fun. Boy, take your sails and swim! Because, I can't suppress my expectations! I hope you can get into college!

Finally, let ’s talk about youth! This is an exciting topic after the end of the heavy topic! Mom from zero to eighteen, from eighteen to the present, there is no delay, oh, I want to tell you that, mom Once youth, still youthful, but not at this time. Rebellion is not your patent. You think it is not your patent. Pride and juveniles have alternately played on me. It can be said that you have always been curious no matter what bad things you do. Mom will be a prophet and a timely guide. My youth has a great relationship. I am ashamed to say that my youth is better than you. As far as learning is concerned, my mother has passed the first place and also the last place. It can be verified! Oh, I have this ability, but it does n’t seem to be a good thing now. I have n’t entered the university. This will be my life-long regret! I often tell you, keep it simple, do n’t think too realistic, too complicated, and be happy. With the ability to be happy, I hope you will always keep your innocent selves and be a real person. One day you will appreciate the happiness in it! Child, your young mother will not forget, and the mother of your young mother will remember, This is love, which will continue into eternity, seeing your growth, pain and happiness, your pain and happiness, this is love, child! Memory is our common Rich, bit by bit is love ah, the children! Duo Zhenzhong!

Now, I decide, in the future, to advise you not to deprive you of the right to make a decision!

Assign the homework to the teacher and write to your brothers and sisters, to welcome your upcoming eighteen years old! I encourage you! Congratulations and commemoration of your eighteen years old!

Eighteen years old and other 800 words after reading

Hao Hao, when I heard that you were leaving your parents and going to school alone to study, your parents did n’t sleep well for a few days and nights. That anxiety and anxiety afflict us, but we are glad that you are finally going to take this step! For a month, the fact that you have a regular life and a stable study has really comforted us.

Yes, "Microsoft kid" Zhang Yaqin was only twelve when he left his parents to go to Junior College, and Kaifu Li and Xiangyang Shen were only eleven. If you look at the students in your first year of school, we will also strengthen our confidence. The tougher the parents, the sooner the children will leave their parents' sight and get free space. This is also the secret of the success of "Microsoft Kid" One of them. Child, your future journey must go alone, trust you, it can work! For most children, the influence of parents lasts for a lifetime, but I found that the growth of the "Microsoft boy" is only affected by parents They were the strongest childhood. Now you must learn to be independent too.

Compared to other children, you have a beautiful family that is both strict and relaxed. Since childhood, he has been growing up healthy under the care and guidance of his parents. Although our family economy is not very rich, but it can always meet the needs of your learning conditions, you should feel happy. I read thirty stories about "Microsoft Boy" and I know that 28 were born in ordinary people, 22 of them were born in small towns like ours, and the other two people with rich family backgrounds are also In their teenage years, they have experienced the straits of a difficult family. Their stories are moving. The reason why their stories are wonderful is not because they are particularly smart, nor because they are particularly outstanding, but because they are all "the best myself"!

The two articles the teacher asked you to bring back, I read them carefully, and I feel quite grateful (thank your teacher). Indeed, Chinese people like to compare. When parents meet colleagues in the unit, they will think, I can't compare with you, and my son can't compare with you? Parents put too many expectations on their children. This is understandable. Children are the continuation of parents' lives. They hope to find their dreams in children. Children who are clever are themselves clever. Children who are happy are those who are happy. If a child has passed a hundred points, he has passed a hundred points. By fulfilling the "University Dream", the child will be able to raise his eyebrows and exhale.

You have also read "Eighteen Years and Others". I wonder if you have learned anything from it? Father and son, mother and son need mutual love, communication, understanding and encouragement. I think that whether it is a strict education model or a loose education model, the family shows a very strong positive impact. The size of the parent ’s influence on the child does not depend on the parent ’s occupation and education level, nor does it depend on the education method. It depends on the rapport between parents and children. Boy, you should cherish the harmony we have maintained for more than ten years!

Based on my life experience and social experience, I don't think there is an inevitable link between the "first place" in the test score and future achievements. However, children, high school learning is very important. It is completely different from junior high school. This is a major turning point in your life. At this stage, you have to learn to translate the knowledge you have learned and your existing abilities into a more specific and heavy one. Learning of new knowledge.

Children, no matter what time, you always have a goal in mind, you can progress with the goal, right? Compared with peers, you are simpler, honest and honest, you are a sensible and obedient child, but your biggest The disadvantage is that there are no big goals, which is very bad. Now that you are about eighteen years old, you should have something different. I hope you have a healthy character, good attitude and habits.

In front of you, on the surface you are leaving your parents, but in fact we have not given up on caring for you for a moment. You should make full use of the more free space at present, develop yourself fully, learn to constantly pressurize yourself, and always calm down to reflect on and summarize yourself: what must be done, what is what you really want to do, and what you do What's wrong, what can't be done, and so on. Put more energy into what you have to do and what you want to do.

In one's life, learning is a happy thing, but it is an attitude. It is more important than textbooks, more important than classrooms, more important than endless exercises and exams, more important than grades and rankings. Study should pay attention to efficiency, life should pay attention to laws, do not memorize.

Fortunately, children, you have always met excellent teachers who have rich teaching experience and will be of great help to your learning. However, you ca n’t rely on the teacher all by yourself. Always keep yourself in the best state. Active learning, love of learning, independence, and physical and mental health are the secrets of your future success.

Work hard, kid, be an independent learner.

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