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800 words after reading Pride and Prejudice

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800 words after reading Pride and Prejudice

This work by Drew Austin, you will think that it is not only a love novel, but also a world novel. His main part is about marriage and marriage. The central story is that Mrs. Benai marries her daughter. The main related characters are really no more than three or four households. There are rich masters, nobles, young masters, misses, wives, and the military Relatives and friends, and pastors of the society at the time. The plot of the story is connected through dances, visits to relatives and friends, marriages, markets, churches, banquets and other occasions. Finally, the five daughters of Mrs. Benai married three, and the other two were well-placed. In addition, the urgent need of the eldest daughter of the neighbor was also unknowingly solved.

In "Pride and Prejudice", the marriage and love parties' attitudes towards the incident, their understanding, and the reactions of the relevant characters, see the general attitude of the middle class society at that time. Such as the relationship between marriage and property, which is vital to social life. Changes in social class relations and interpersonal relations, the awakening of women, etc. during the disintegration of class systems such as feudalism in Britain after the bourgeois revolution in the 17th century.

Among the many characters, whether it is the protagonist Elizabeth, Darcy or the supporting task, each has its own unique characteristics, allowing readers to have a clearer understanding of "human nature". Elizabeth's independence, contempt of power, courage to act, and show off her wisdom; Darcy's cold, noble and arrogant; Jane's kind guests; Mr. Li's approachable, honest; Wei Ken's cunning and treacherous, cruel; Mrs. Bennet , Boredom and so on show the reader a lively role. This is also the essence of the novel's ideological content: "the most thorough understanding of human nature."

This seems to be another "Cinderella" story, but in light of his historical background, it does reflect the promotion of the ranks of the British civilian bourgeoisie at the time; it is also the freedom of the French Revolution at the time , A distant tortuous response to the call for equality.

The hero's arrogant heroine's prejudices have a clear class character. The setbacks they encounter in love are not caused by accidental misunderstandings with each other or by villains playing with them, but because of the two parties in different class status. There was an unavoidable gap.

In today's society, although gender equality and freedom of love are promoted, in many cases the family ancestors and family background still have a lot of influence on both sides of the relationship. If you are a very ordinary girl, you can have ordinary love and romance. Strong love, as long as you can persist in self, cleanse yourself, and really work, you will definitely find your true love.

Not only in love, but in love to be a person, we should also win the respect and admiration of everyone by virtue of our own personality and personal qualities. —This is the true purpose of the "most thorough understanding of human nature" that is most importantly shown in the novel.

800 words after reading Pride and Prejudice

The book Pride and Prejudice is about the entanglement between the arrogant single Darcy and the prejudiced Miss Elizabeth, the wealthy single aristocracy, Bingley and the wise lady Jieing. In a blink of an eye, more than thirty chapters have passed, and the character of the character is clearly portrayed by the author, and it is extremely vivid and intriguing.

The reason is deep, first of all because the characters in this book seem to have flaws, rather than the perfect character, even the hero of the book. The so-called "arrogance" in the text refers to the personality weakness of Darcy, a wealthy, highly educated, and sharp-eyed young man; and the so-called "prejudice" refers to the mental weakness of Elizabeth, a middle-class, well-educated, and intelligent woman . A sharp-eyed, a wit and smart, are all human beings, but they are inevitably entangled with human weakness. This has given me great interest. Because everyone has weaknesses after all. I don't like the perfect protagonist, it makes me feel like he is not God.

Second, the time background in the book has created many different views of love. "Mr. Bingley is handsome and gentlemanly, and looks good-looking and has no contrived temperament. Darcy immediately caught the attention of the audience, because he was a stature, a clear-eyed, and a noble man, so he entered the field for less than five minutes. Everyone has rumored that he earns 10,000 pounds a year. Male guests praise him for his talents, and female guests say that he is much more beautiful than Mr. Bingley. "People measure a person by wealth. In the age of Darcy and Elizabeth, they tended to be conservative, and there were obstacles to nobles and civilians; compared to modern times, this situation will occur less often.

In the end, this book made me aware of how undesirable a preconceived notion is. To truly understand a person, you must go through a long period of observation and contact. Although the first impression is important, you can only comment on a person after you have really come into contact. Just like Elizabeth in the book, Mr. Darcy's arrogant and rude look has already entered her mind, which will make her slow to understand and be fascinated by the liar Wickham, but fortunately Elizabeth is not blinded by these .

800 words after reading Pride and Prejudice

Austin's Pride and Prejudice is a romantic and realistic love story. As she said, it is a thin carving on two inches of ivory, which is Austin's masterpiece. This novel reflecting marriage problems is the most popular one of the author's works and her favorite work. It vividly reflects the life and humanity of British towns and villages in a conservative and isolated state from the late 18th century to the early 19th century. Love has no beautiful color without romance. However, in the novel, all kinds of considerations about door-to-door relationship and wealth to marriage are full of words.

Elizabeth was extremely annoyed by the impact of her family's actions on her. Darcy therefore advised Mr. Bentley to leave Jane. Later, she also confided to Elizabeth after a conflict between reason and emotion. So what is love? Pure love, desperate love, is pure white love like snow in the mirror, is it just a beautiful fantasy and pursuit in people ’s hearts, and real life Chinese people always look for the best balance between the two. (After reading jajshop.com)

Elizabeth is clever, resourceful, visionary, has strong self-esteem, and is good at thinking. In terms of a young lady to marry at the time, this is commendable. It is because of this quality that she has an independent opinion on love issues and has led her to form a happy family with Darcy. When Elizabeth knew that Wickham's true face was currently full of affection for her, her aunt said that such a young man would not be happy for life because he had no property and no stable income. Elizabeth accepted this view and took the initiative to restrain her feelings. This does not discredit Elizabeth, but only allows us to see a real and rational Elizabeth, a smart and sane girl. (After reading jajshop.com)

Darcy inherited his ancestors and lived carefree. He is also respected in the high society. In that position, all virtues cannot be overstated. He is generous and helpful, and these things do not help and enrich his image. No comment on him.

From this love story in the UK, the actor and actress, they have experienced a lot of sadness and joy, finally eliminated the previous misunderstanding, come together, and live a happy and happy life story, we can see that What?-Humanity, dignity, love ...

In the pursuit of love, we must strengthen our beliefs, do not make hasty decisions because of money, fame and other reasons, and insist on finding true love. If some of the other person's shortcomings are intolerable and cannot be changed, you should choose to give up decisively; of course, you should also cherish each other, do not change their decisions because of some other people's words, happiness must go by yourself Business.

Don't know how to cherish after you lose, and go forward for happiness.

800 words after reading Pride and Prejudice

If we want to summarize the content of "Pride and Prejudice", it is: because of two emotions-arrogance and prejudice, make up 4 interesting marriages. If you want to explain the content of Pride and Prejudice in one sentence, it is: Looking at society from marriage. The first sentence of the opening chapter points out the main thread of the novel-marriage. And at that time, it seemed that the sooner you got married, the more face your family would have. The personal origin and quality of the family will also have a great impact on the marriage of the younger generation.

The whole novel depicts many people with different personalities, which is a microcosm of society. There are weird, domineering and unreasonable mothers, proud and sensible Mr. Darcy, gentle Mr. Bentley and the older sister Jane ... and the one that keeps me fresh is Mr. Wickham.

Maybe you are wondering, why does that false person make me feel fresh? Maybe it is because of his falseness. He has a handsome appearance but is unsightly inside. In front of everyone, he wore this thick mask-elegant manners, flattering talk, which almost blinded everyone. You can think of this as his ability, but what about thinking from another angle?

When Wickham spread rumors all over the town, Mr. Darcy did not come out to clarify the facts; how did the heroine Elizabeth, who had been deceived by him, know his true side? It was Mr. Darcy's resentful explanation letter; When Wickham owed a gambling debt and eloped with Elizabeth's sister Lidia, it was Mr. Darcy who repaid the debt, forcing him to marry Lidia. But he said nothing to Lydia's family. Now do you understand? Why can Wickham blind people so arrogant? Yes, because of Mr Darcy's generosity. Because of his generosity, he caused so many misunderstandings that he almost lost a true love.

In society, there are too many people like Wickham. Some are forced by life, and some are for personal benefit. No matter what, everyone always wears a mask. Society is needed, but too much tolerance will only make those people more arrogant and unreasonable. Facing the fault of others, we need tolerance and understanding. However, in the face of the unreasonable behavior of others, we should neither "respect one foot and respect one another" or "be silent". What we need is appropriate resistance and explanation.

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