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I have a warm home_Composition 400 words

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I have a warm home

Home is the cradle of every child's growth, and a harbor where every child inhabits. I have a warm, happy and harmonious home. I love my home.

I love my home, a happy and warm home. This family consists of hardworking moms, hard fathers, and naughty me.

Dad goes out early every day, but returns late at night. After a long time, I found out that my father's forehead had some more wrinkles and some white hair.

Where's mom? Mom works as hard as dad. Mom is sincere and kind, and is a typical good wife and mother. My mother worked hard every day to clean up the house so that everyone in the family could live a comfortable life, but never heard her say hard and shouted. My mother often taught me to study hard. Although my mother encouraged me to work hard, I never forced us to study hard. In addition to taking care of our daily lives and guiding us to study, my mother also cares about our health. I often think that my mother is greater than Confucius.

And me? In sixth grade. My grades are average. As soon as I got home, after I finished my homework, I would take the initiative to help my mother do some chores within her ability. I was my little assistant.

There is also a reason to say that my home is warm: I remember once I had a high fever in the middle of the night, my parents were frightened, and hurriedly sent me to the hospital. Mom kept asking the doctor if I was seriously ill? After diagnosis, the doctor said that the problem was not serious, just take some medicine, and my parents were relieved. The next day, my mother listened to her grandmother saying that fish soup was good for patients with a cold and fever, and immediately went home and started cooking. An hour or two later, my mother came in with the fragrant fish soup. Seeing my mother's sweat on her forehead, I felt extremely warm, and I was more than half better.

Owning a gentle home has a care, a love, and a greatest hope. I love my home!

I have a warm home

The loneliness and loneliness of the heart must always have a place to tell; the weakness and tiredness of the body must have a place to relax. And all these drifting ships will eventually enter the long-awaited port, and this is my home, the harbor of my soul, which keeps my heart warm and attached to this warm home.

As I approached the entrance exam, I was a little impatient. At this moment, my parents would pop up beside me, making me more uncomfortable. So I deliberately avoided, and my parents were left out. In this way, I spend less time with my parents.

This situation lasted for a long time, until one night, all changed. That was the day before the last mock exam of the third grade. This day seemed to be the same as usual. I wrote the papers in class, and after I did it, I changed it afterwards. It was boring and cyclical. For tomorrow's exam, there is a little less tension and a lot more practical.

Busy in the morning, dragging his tired body, facing the hot sun, returned home like liberation. When I went upstairs, I saw that the door was hidden, and I knew that my father had been waiting for me for a long time without much communication, but when I left before eating, I told him that he would not go to school in the afternoon and then left in a hurry .

Who knows that it will rise in the afternoon, a few classmates agreed to study last night, including me, of course, but forgot to say hello to their parents. If it's just the last two sections, it doesn't matter much, because parents know about it. But that day, she got angry and went to the third quarter of evening self-study. After self-study in the third quarter, the lights on the road were eclipsed. The bus that was running slowly seemed to be sleepy. Fortunately, the eyes were opened, and the road was a little brighter.

The endless night view made me relax a lot. Strolling home, it was nearly eleven o'clock, and when I saw the light from the downstairs, I hurried up. The door, which was also a cover, was opened, and my mother was holding the phone. As soon as she saw me, she clenched her fists with both hands and smashed at me, hating her teeth and saying to me, "Why are you back at this time?" Do you know how worried I and your dad are? He saw you early and picked you up if he didn't come back! Faced with a series of questions from this bitter heart, the corners of my eyes became wet, I put down my schoolbag, and hurried to the door, my heart was full of self-blame.

Ran to the stop and saw my father sitting on the bike and looking in the direction of my return. The breeze was slamming on his father, his hair was blown into disarray. I jumped on my father's bicycle with tears, hugged my father, and said to my father, "It's too dark, go home!" The father relaxed like a sudden and said gently: Go. I sat on my father's bike, wobbled, and returned to the harbor of love.

That night. I read why mother love is gentle, and why father love is deep. And I'm nourished by my father's love and mother's love, which is extremely warm. The family share the same heart and happiness, how can we not say that I have a warm home? Under the care of their parents, every child will have a warm home.

I want to have a warm home

I am a raw chicken and I live on the hill with my parents.

One day, there were a few poachers on the mountain. At first, those poachers hunted on the mountain with guns, but they could not fight. Later they hunted with clips.

I went to find food with my mother. We came to the mountain, and my mother accidentally stepped on the clip set by the hunter and was caught by the abominable hunter. I hurried home and told my father that when he heard it, tears burst out like spring water.

Since then, I have been sullen all day. Whenever I see a child from a neighbor ’s house go out with my mother to find food, I remember the scene where my mother took me out to find food. .

How I want to have a warm home!

Sun Taiyong, Class 62, Hebi Ninth Elementary School

(Tutor Xiaoqiong Xia He)

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