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"Win or Lose" 1000 words after reading

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"Win or Lose" 1000 words after reading

The book "Win or Lose" brings me not only literary enjoyment, but also inspiration and accumulation of knowledge for my upcoming work. Instead of evaluating its literary value, it is better to study its practicality. Value, especially for my school student who is about to grapple with sales.

In an environment of internal and external anxiety, the protagonist, Zhou Rui, was not afraid of danger, and chose to bear the burden of humiliation and accept the heavy responsibility. Become the leader of the sluggish team. Faced with huge sales pressure, Zhou Rui said, "No matter what kind of dilemma you are in, you must have the spirit of never giving up, otherwise what use is there to live?" It is easy to say, but you can calm down and think about it. For a moment, "Never give up" is really difficult to do. Especially at the critical moment of the order, if it is not his never giving up spirit; if it is not his sober analysis of the situation; if not he has chosen to move forward in the face of difficulties; if he has not chosen to shrink back in front of the enemy, the entire team will not Will win the final victory. Maybe it is his tenacious personality of "three armies can be handsome, and a man can't lose his will". When faced with any difficulties, he will choose to never give up and lead his team unswervingly. .

There is no doubt that Fang Wei is a sales genius. He loves competition and is open to the cruel and bloody competition. He is like a general who is galloping on the battlefield. "When there is blood in the cavity, there are waves." Even if he is facing a strong and invincible opponent, he will bravely rush forward and slam his sword at his opponent. Even when the battlefield is killed, Ma Ge will be wrapped up with a smile. "Drunken Junchang laughed, and several people returned in ancient times." Perhaps this is the fate of the sales staff. The battlefield of death is the home and glory of each soldier. The market is like a battlefield. There is no ever-winning general in this world. The gongs and drums have sounded and the horn has sounded. The battle should be prepared for the worst, even with an extremely terrible ending. !

Reading through this book impressed me not only with the sales skills that made me suddenly bright, but also the deepest impression of my life. Luo Jia of Wellcome Co., Ltd. once used the outstanding talents and ingenuity in the mall to turn the clouds and rain. Her ability to turn things around has made legends in sales. Rather than saying that she likes sales, it's better that she can pursue a sense of accomplishment that no one can match. In order to be more successful, she chose a career between her lover and her career, and lost her lifelong love. When the beautiful and elegant Huang Jing took Zhou Rui's arm and the talented woman came out in front of her, she knew her. I lost much more than I got, but "this situation can only be remembered, but it was gone." When I reached the pinnacle of my career, I realized that I was so lonely, and finally realized that what I wanted was not this. In this kind of life, what she really wants is to be with the person she likes and hold the dog together to watch the sunset ... Happiness can actually be simple.

Because of her greed for success, she often draws on relationships with clients. With the tacit approval of her boss, she has even destined to end the tragedy of this wise and weak woman with some invisible means. "Losing" is not the beginning, but "winning" is the end! However, in today's competitive society, survival is the king, and we believe in "goat nature, wolf nature", "kill chickens and eggs", "exhausting and fishing" behavior One after another. People are enthusiastic about the desire for rights, and in the competition to draw the blood and flesh of competitors without any means, they are thrilling.

"A gentleman loves money and has a proper way." Before being tempted, one must never forget the principles of life and cross the moral bottom line. In the book, there are two main negative characters-Chen Mingkai and Liu Feng. In order to achieve their own goals, Chen Mingkai sacrifice one by one outstanding people out of Jieke to cultivate their trust. As a senior bank cadre of Jingxin Bank, Liu Feng could have spent his old age with his family and watched his son get married and start a business. He was imprisoned, and his son was involved. "Many acts of injustice must be self-assertive." Failure to abide by the principles of life and social norms will inevitably result in punishment.

A victorious war is often at the expense of tens of thousands of people, and the mall is equally cruel. Someone who succeeds means someone fails. Now that you have chosen this challenging career, you must also choose to "strengthen the tenacity and fight hard, and let the wind rise from east to west, north and south." Ji Canghai. "The courage, but also keep" the body is not afraid of broken bones, to stay innocent in the world. "Purity.

Outside the window, the uncircumcised bright moon will gradually rise to high altitude. A transparent gray cloud, slightly covering the moonlight, "lose" and "win" are just a shackle that people put on themselves. Just like the final purpose of the novel, some people think that winning is the endless pursuit of money without temperature, some people win to have supreme power, some people win the process and lose the result, some people win the result and lose the process. Zhou Rui They won the order, but they also won the cruelty. In this war, no one is the real winner. No matter how difficult the situation will be, when the night is quiet and you look back, the difficulties you encounter will turn into a little memory, which seems so insignificant.

Gently closing the book "Win or Lose", my thoughts are hard to level. A good book for the tremor of the soul may not be able to be realized even if you travel thousands of miles. This is a spiritually humiliating book. Bathing is like a baptism that can be released when you confess your sins to Jesus. When people lose their faith, there is a bright light pointing to the distance, and the heart is no longer confused.

"Win or Lose" 1000 words after reading

After suffering for several nights, I finally finished reading the novel "Loss and Win", which is really good. This book reflects the spirit of bitterness, helplessness, hard work, and never giving up through a wonderful case.

The novel is based on two superb companies competing for the bank's super order as a background, and vividly describes the sales master Zhou Rui and Fang Wei's internal order struggle, team building, business research, and bankruptcy caused by sprinting sales targets. Behind-the-scenes contests profoundly presented the living environment and status quo of business sales staff under contemporary social conditions.

Shopping malls are like battlefields. Sales are the cruelest and greatest career in real life, because when someone succeeds, it means someone fails. Just like on the battlefield, a victorious war is often built at the expense of success. On the basis of thousands. Due to the constraints of the conditions, I embarked on the sales road without getting any professional training and training. With my own understanding and a little experience, I struggled in the fierce competition. It is not easy to win or lose. By reading this book I know why I can't succeed, what is the sales elite, the master of the master.

In the past, the way to deal with customers was to treat guests with meals and give commissions, just like the three-bladed axe in the book. After reading this book, I was suddenly cheerful, open, brilliant and practical. Demand, trust, value, price and experience are the five key elements of customer procurement. Sales personnel must meet these five elements to successfully win orders. In addition, the collection of information and information before sales constitutes the six keys to success. Elements, each step contains four specific behaviors, a total of six types of twenty-four strokes, called the six styles of destroying the dragon, this is the basic process of sales to customers, still need to be based on internal skills and sales skills As a supplement, the sales staff can dominate the world, destroy the dead, and smile at the mall.

The description of the sales scenario in the book is at first glance what the sales elites do. Reading it makes people excited and finds many shortcomings. Luo Jia and Fang Wei are examples of our sales staff. Under the established circumstances, Fang Wei still did not give up, looking for opportunities, and finally completely turned things around, he was in despair, and laughed to the end. Although not everyone can meet the Prime Minister, his mentality of never giving up until the last minute is always worth our learning.

Under the circumstances that China's current laws and regulations are not perfect, and there are various hidden rules of the industry, no matter how you sell your products, how well you make a speech or plan, how outstanding your performance during bidding is, it is not complete Enough to win, because there are too many people and factors that determine the outcome. Therefore, although Luo Jia's description in the book violates national laws, in reality, her business processes and strategies are still worthy of reference. (After reading jajshop.com)

The market is cruel and the competition is fierce. Since we have chosen this challenging profession, we must never give up, never fail, learn the techniques and methods of sales, and use it in actual work. , Will definitely become an invincible sales elite.

"Win or Lose" 1000 words after reading

"Win or Win" is a vivid novel that describes competition. Among them, Zhou Rui and Fang Wei successfully shaped the image of two positive and successful marketers. Their opponents include not only Luo Jia and Lin Zhenwei; of course, they are also opposites. The images of Chen Mingkai and Wei Yan are even more distressing. Zhou Rui—not only has a unique and pragmatic marketing method, but also has outstanding leadership skills, which can mobilize the enthusiasm of the team members; Fang Wei—There is a kind of fierce strength of a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers. An ideal marketer; and Lin Zhenwei and Luo Jia can abandon principles and even love in order to win. Is it really that things are grouped by categories and people are grouped by groups?

When Milu was in charge of the Chinese national team, the slogan was: Attitude is everything, happy football! In contrast, when Milu was in charge of the national football in recent years, everyone can look at the performance of the players on the pitch Out of hope. As in "Win or Lose", Zhou Rui was transferred to work in Beijing, but faced with a seemingly procrastinating team and a lifeless situation. Everyone here has been contused by such problems, and their enthusiasm has disappeared, and their attitude is very problematic. There is no doubt that everyone's attitude is wrong, which will eventually lead to a decline in the team's combat effectiveness. And Zhou Rui is the kind of leader who can drive and even move his subordinates. He has rich professional knowledge and has given all of this to his team without hesitation. He abandoned the concept of "small ego" and inevitably welcomed the "big ego". return. Zhou Rui's attitude is very clear. He is a leader of a marketing team. He should keep a clear head in the face of right and wrong issues, show full confidence in his team, and "give it to fish" instead of Chen Mingkai. Wei Yan, like "giving him fish," should be positioned to work with his team instead of being an official; Fang Wei's attitude is clear. As a general under Zhou Rui, the charge is unstoppable. He analyzes the opponent to provide information. When I met the Prime Minister dramatically, I also used to exchange business cards habitually. Although this is a detail, it is enough to characterize the person's personality and conscious habits of work. Lin Jialing's attitude is also very clear. As an "inside" in the Asia-Pacific region, she not only It is to be able to objectively evaluate the contradiction between Lin Zhenwei and Zhou from a fair stand. More importantly, when the contradiction between the two escalates to the loss to the company, she can stand on the side of the company to the side of justice. This is more valuable than silence. A team can develop its own strengths and strengths because of its mainstream attitude.

It can be said that the characters in the novel have higher IQs, but they are used in different places. While Zhou Rui's team was concentrating on the "Six Dragons", Luo Jia was playing golf with President Liu Feng, while Chen Mingkai was pondering how to give this mature market to his cronies ...

Therefore, success requires not only an attitude of daring to act, but also a correct method of meeting the rules of the game.

Lin Zhenwei wanted to win and used it. Luo Jia wanted to win and abandoned Zhou Rui, but it was too tiring to win. It can be said that they won the competition but lost themselves. In Zhou Rui's marketing strategy, there is no intention of dragging anyone into the water, just to tap the deeper needs of customers. There are a lot of good things now. What methods can be tried to show them, and what methods can be more acceptable to customers, is the brain of a marketing team. Maybe "Six Dragons" is just a trivial part of some corporate marketing strategies. Each enterprise has its own unique method of occupying market share, and each enterprise of different nature should also have its own unique method.

But there is something more embarrassing than competition in the novel. They are Chen Mingkai and Wei Yan who put cold arrows behind them. They think that they can play with interpersonal relationships. They always leave the hard bones to others and think narcissistically. Use the right people in the right places. Read Bill. Rawlins and Lin Jialing heard Lin Zhenwei's persecution and exclusion of Zhou Rui at the meeting, it was really popular! But this is a novel. In reality, Zhou Rui may have been pushed out of the company by internal forces. If other companies work hard, then his team cannot continue to grow stronger. So, what can Zhou Rui be able to retain in reality? It is the system! With the constraints of the system, Chen Mingkai may be more meritocratic than mere pro-kind; with the constraints of the system, Wei Yan may set his sights on the market instead of his compatriots. Of course, the system is developed by people and supervised and implemented by people, so to a large extent, the attitude of leaders-like Zhou Rui, may determine the attitude of a group of people-like Fang Wei , Xiao Yun, Cui Long, Xie Yi and so on; but Chen Mingkai could not lead such a lethal team.

Everyone who has the will to fight will long for success, but in the current large-scale social production, no one can succeed alone. Moreover, with today's increasingly fierce competition, even if it has all the favorable conditions, it will not dare to claim success. It can only be said that with a positive attitude, the right method and a sound system, we can be closer to success.

"Win or Lose" 1000 words after reading

Win or lose, there are moments of sudden heartbeat, there is a place where blood is boiling, there is a feeling of tenderness, and there is a touch of tears, I ca n’t wait to read it in one breath and then quickly if you want to evaluate its literary value, it is better to study its practical value Especially for those who are struggling in the sales field, the value of this book is more reflected in learning and training. As a sales person, I just combine some of my feelings in the market and talk about my four Point feeling

First: Strong team spirit

A group of sheep led by a wolf can defeat a group of wolves led by a brave. Brave, confident, unyielding, team, this is the portrayal of Zhou Rui's character, a leader wolf full of passion and wisdom, responsibility and courage, bravely forward in the face of difficulties, Zhou Rui, who never retreats in front of the enemy, leads his team galloping across the field to accept the heavy task in a situation of scattered sand, adopted a series of effective aspects, strengthened discipline, rectified morale, reorganized fanfare, strengthened strengths and avoided weaknesses, and gave full play to each individual's Subjective initiative. It took a week to reorganize the morale of the team so that each member's talents matched their roles. The team members must have the competence to perform their job duties and be good at cooperating with other team members. Inspired by his potential, he achieved a preliminary victory. He later said something like this: When each individual is actively fighting for his goal, their power is irresistible. Although they will encounter Setbacks, but as long as you have a strong team, failure is not terrible. Temporary failure After we gather together as long as the lick the wound, the punch can indeed go in another direction.

In today's extremely competitive society, in this information age of rapid technological development, the role of each of us is limited. After all, one's ability and energy are limited, so teamwork is even more important, such as sales. An electrical appliance, the business was in front of it, lay down the country, and the sales came up, but without the assistance of the after-sale colleagues to cooperate with the guarantee, immediately after some after-sale problems affect the subsequent sales, the after-sale business must cooperate well with the after-sale colleagues. In order to make the market solid and stable. Therefore, in modern sales, there must be a strong sense of teamwork, the era of solo fighting has passed

Second: Cui Long Six Types of Superb Sales Skills

Sales techniques are probably the most admired by everyone in this book. In the book, Zhou Rui conveys the six styles of Cui Long to readers. This is no matter what product sales, there are six key factors: intelligence customers Demand product value Customer relationship price and customer experience The sales person must first establish a relationship.

Then you can tap the demand, then introduce the value in a targeted manner, wait for the customer to accept the price negotiation, and finally satisfy the customer through the service. This is the most basic six types of sales. As long as you master these six types, ordinary opponents will not care. This six styles of Cui Long run through this book. In fact, the whole book is built around these six steps. It is undoubtedly a golden rule for our colleagues who are also fighting on the front line of sales, especially for me. The value and significance of these newcomers are even more obvious. The first is the collection of intelligence. As the so-called self-knowledge and knowledge of others can be battle-hardened, the intelligence gathering of the market becomes vital. The main line of our competitors' products, The price system, giveaway strategies, promotional methods, etc. are all materials we want to collect. These are the collections of information between brands.

In addition, it is necessary to collect the situation of the opponent's agent, its network channel situation and personnel organization structure, etc. In terms of product value and price, product combination and promotion methods, it is necessary to conduct effective analysis with the opponent through Analysis of the competitors, we can find the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, and what we have to do is to avoid the strengths of the opponent, grasp the weaknesses of the opponent and give them a fatal blow, so that we can win the market.

Third: Perseverance

The most prominent in this respect is Fang Wei, who is a natural sales material. This is his highest evaluation. Indeed, the true talent of such a natural sales material is also reflected in the book. He loves competition and knows competition. There are wins and loses, and they are ready to accept the punishment and rewards of wins and losses. This is like a general born to death. When facing a powerful and difficult opponent, he must bravely rush forward and slash his sword to the opponent, even if he is killed in battle. It is also the fate of the salesman with a smile. This is the fate of the salesman. Since choosing this profession, it is like choosing to become an ancient warrior. The battlefield is the home and glory of each warrior. Weak despair and abandonment can only make himself Facing the fate of being enslaved by failure, there is no ever-victorious general in this world. Now that you have chosen battle, you should be prepared to face failure, no matter how tragic the end is.

In fact, in our real life, especially in the sales work, we are facing a life-and-death struggle every day. Our opponents are studying us every day, and they are thinking about how to destroy us every moment, so we always To maintain a strong fighting force, a spirit of perseverance, no matter how brutal the competition is, we must devote 12 points of spirit to the final fight with the enemy. Only then can we laugh proudly. Maybe even we We may not be able to achieve the ultimate victory when we do it, but when we look back, we can proudly say that we have worked hard and we have worked for our goal. In fact, life cares about the process, not the process. result

Fourth: abide by the principles of life and social norms

There are two main negative characters in the book, one is Chen Mingkai and the other is Liu Feng. The entire work uses the order of Jingxin Bank as the main line to organize materials, and the contradiction between Zhou Rui and Chen Mingkai as the auxiliary line. Not only is the win-loss contest between Jingxin Bank's orders, but also the win-loss contest between Zhou Rui and Chen Mingkai. Chen Mingkai will sacrifice his own close comrades in order to achieve his own goals, driving out outstanding personnel from Gekko, and training himself. Liu Feng, who is the leader of Jingxin Bank in order to achieve his unspeakable purpose, is also for his own self-interest, accepting bribes from others, and operating purchase orders in the dark, which ultimately leads to his disgrace. Righteous self-confidence in fact has already hinted at their results in the introduction of the book, that is, those who have forgotten their life principles and social norms before use must be punished as our social reform continues to advance .

In today's society, there are indeed some discordant factors, that is, some people use their own power to seek their own private interests, and do not follow the corresponding principles that should be observed, thus causing the competition to lose its original fairness and justice, which leads to In the light of corruption, which seriously affects the stability and harmony of society, this book also profoundly exposes this social phenomenon, which undoubtedly plays a positive role in the development of society. It also warns the world that we must abide by the principles of life and social norms. , And ca n’t forget his own life principles and social norms because of his interests. Here, this book also completes the sublimation of its social significance.

In short, in this book, the author wonderfully reproduces the mental journey of the elites who are engaged in the marketing of major customers in modern society. They use whatever means they can, in order to win the order, they can give up everything, and in order not to lose to their opponents, they prefer to be bloodthirsty They are cleverly laid out, in order to complete the task, persevere, never give up, set a glorious role model for marketers, let readers produce a strong impulse to join the marketing work while admiring its literary value, is undoubtedly The most successful part of the work.

"Win or Lose" 1000 words after reading

"Winning or losing" is a wonderful and exciting business novel! Individuals and teams, abilities and means, principles and adaptations, transactions and rules have been most vividly displayed.

"Win or Lose" naturally incorporates top-notch sales strategies into wonderful things, and presents scenes of hard-to-find business warfare in front of readers. It makes people feel a noble and radical spirit of survival, and it reads jealously. Pleasure.

The sales elite of Jieke Company, Zhou Rui, found himself driven to death: the sales team brought out by his own hands was removed, but he was required to complete out of reach sales targets. Facing the crowd of his boss, Zhou Rui's only vitality is on the bank's super big order, and the rivals set up the battlefield for this big order as early as a year ago. Zhou Rui suffered from the enemy, and worse, Zhou Rui It was found that the opponent was his first love. Fang Wei was a sales genius brought by Zhou Rui. On the flight following Zhou Rui to Beijing, he fell in love with the beautiful stewardess Zhao Ying at first sight, and used the sales skills to get acquainted. A relationship The chase unfolded.

From a personal point of view, there are pros and cons in this book.

Advantages: Many of them can be applied to work, such as how to maintain customers, how to tactics, etc ...

The disadvantage is that in order to win, the protagonists in the book actually use whatever methods, even at all costs, to use various methods to win people, especially Luo Jia, one of the heroines, a very smart woman, to win, She can do whatever she can, and eventually loses her life.

In fact, what I don't like most about this book is that, in order to achieve the purpose, it can be so unscrupulous, but in the end it still loses all of it.

I like these words from Zhou Rui most in the book. Since I have chosen the cruel and most fulfilling profession of sales, I must never give up and never fail. Like a soldier, if there is a gun and a gun, use a gun with a cell; if the gun is gone, use a bayonet; if the bayonet is broken, use a fist; if the arm is broken, use a tooth to bite, and you cannot Give up any chance of victory.

But remember to follow the rules of the game no matter how fierce the competition, even if you fail, you can't break these rules.

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